Sunday, February 4, 2018

This is where you post for Blind Date with a Book!

Blind Date with a Book @IMMS begins this week. We have limited blind date books available, so only check one out if you are willing to try something new and promise to at least read 30 to 50 pages of the book. After you read this amount you can "rate your date" here on the IMMS Lions' Share blog.  Everyone who blogs about their book is entered in a raffle to win prizes and everyone who enters will get a 'sweet treat'.

So what should you blog about the book?  What about telling what you thought when you first unwrapped it? Did you ever read anything like it before?  Would you have chosen this book?  Write whatever you like. It's your experience to share. Be sure to post the title of the book and your first name, last initial.

"Rate your date" in Comments: